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Belts are made from 8/9 ounce leather, 3" wide with a 1 1/2" buckle. Belts are made to fit on the hips so be sure the size is correct. Hip size is usually 4-6 inches more than a pant size but it varies so check before purchasing. Belts 44"+ will have an additional $3/inch added to the cost. If your size is not listed, please contact me for special ordering options. 

Billeted Belt

  • Belts 44" or longer will be charged $3/inch. If you need a belt longer than 48", please contact me for speical odering. 


    Questions? Please contact me!

  • The options are .32, .38/.357, .44/.45LC. Once an order is placed, I will contact you via email to verify what caliber loop size the bullet loops need to be. 

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