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I craft leather items from vegetable tanned cowhide. Each item is handcrafted so they are all a bit different giving you a product that is one-of-a-kind and custom. I have made thousands of holsters, belts, sheaths, etc. over the past several years; each is made to last.


I start each piece with full sides or double backs, trace the pattern, then cut the shapes out with a knife. Next I dye and assemble the item. Once assembled, it is treated and finished in various ways depending on the use and look you desire. Most holsters are treated with all natural Montana Pitch Blend or Obenaufs Heavy Duty LP. Both are mainly a bees wax base. This helps protect the leather. Some items may have a clear sheen applied. It's all about the desired affect.


My patterns are time-tested patterns that were purchased from well-known makers or created by me, usually from a customer request. I mainly make western style, single action revolver holsters, and 1911 holsters. I do have some others for more common guns.


This started as a hobby because I needed a well-made holster for a vintage revolver and just couldn't find a decent one. I found that holsters sold in stores were made with low-quality leather and thread. For the same or better price I can make a handmade and custom gun holster from quality materials.

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