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Montana Pitch Blend is an all natural leather conditioner. It contains bees wax, natural oils, and pitch to condition and protect the leather.


Montana Pitch blend aids in waterproofing, resists mold and mildew and restores old dry leather by replacing the lost natural oils. It is available in a paste and an oil. I use it as a finish on all my leather items. It provides just the right amount of conditioning to maintain and make the leather supple, yet firm. It also works great on leather boots, belts, motorcyce gear, sheathes, etc. It is not for use on suede and IT WILL DARKEN LEATHER.


If purchasing more than one Montana Pitch Blend Product, email me at for actual shipping cost as sometimes I can save you some money when combining items.

Please Note: Shipping is included in price of all Montana Pitch Blend products. 

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